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About St.Charles

St. Charles is a city located in Illinois about 40 miles south of Chicago. There are over 30,000 residents who call this city home. The fox river runs through here and the cities slogan is “Pride of the Fox”.  St.Charles is part of a tri-city area which includes Geneva and Batavia. 


St.Charles History

St.Charles was actually the location of the Pottawatomie chief of the area. In 1832 after the Black Hawk war, Americans settled in this area. The town was originally called Charlston and later changed to St.Charles. St.Charles attracted many immigrants during the 1840s and 1850s, especially from Irish and Swedish origin. 

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Charter Bus rentals out of St. Charles

Yes we can provide service outside of St.Charles. United Bus can take you up to 500 miles away from the city. Our most popular request is a round trip service from St. Charles to Chicago. Our vehicle sizes range from sedans to large coach buses which allows us to service groups of any size. 

Wedding Transportation in St. Charles

There are plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a wedding venue in St.Charles. However, there are not many options when it comes to renting transportation. Whether you need a limousine or a coach bus, United Bus can provide it all for groups of any size.  

Why book a charter bus or coach bus in St.Charles, Illinois?

A charter bus or coach bus service is a fantastic way to travel with large groups over any distance. Whether its to Chicago, St. Louis, Galena, or just a charter service within St. Charles, a bus rental is a great way to get around. Cost effective and safe, learn more about our options by contacting United Bus. Our team is proud to uphold a top standard and we know that quality of service goes a long way. 

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The 55-passenger Coach Bus is the perfect choice for long-distance travel. All 55-passenger buses have bathrooms on board which make this a great comfortable choice.