Buses are reliable and cost effective ways of transportation. Large Charter buses can carry large groups of people. There are many advantages to using a large Charter bus including things like luggage, comfortable seats, and more. However, you might have a smaller group with a smaller budget and you are wondering what a Mini Bus is and how it can help your group and not break your bank.

What is a mini bus?

A minibus is a small bus. If a coach bus is seen as a regular bus carrying 55 passengers then a mini bus can be seen as a small coach bus. Mini buses can range from 14 to 25 passengers. Once you pass the 25-passenger threshold, most in the industry will start to call it a mini coach bus or even calling it a coach bus. Mini buses are also smaller in length than a coach bus with less space for bags.
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What is the difference between a van and a mini bus?

Both a van and a mini bus carry a similar amount of people. Most vans in the transportation industry carry around 12 to 15 people while most mini buses carry more people, usually up to 25. Mini buses are also longer and wider which provide even more space for people and bags. Buses also have more luggage space and more room for seating. Both are comfortable and spacious and the decision to use one of the other usually comes down to the size of the group using the vehicle.

Mini Bus vs Mini Coach Bus

A mini bus holds up to 25 passengers while many mini coach buses take in as many as 38 people. They’re longer with more space making it a good choice for larger groups. Its also more affordable than a full sized coach bus. There are many similarities between the two which include televisions, comfortable seating, and wifi. Check out the video of the interior of our 38 passenger for a better idea.  
A mini bus is a great cost-effective way of traveling with a group of up to 25 people. While renting a van is great for small groups and a coach bus is great for large groups, the mini bus really hits a sweet spot in between. It has plenty of storage for luggage and plenty of space for seating. Most mini buses will have tv’s, PA systems, and more. Mini buses are very popular for longer distances and even more popular for short distances. The mini bus is the best of both worlds in regards to size and comfort. Coach buses are much better for very long distances of upwards of 500 miles.
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How many seats does a mini bus have?

Usually, mini buses have seating for up to 25 people. For seating more than 25 people, most people would recommend coach buses or mini coach buses. If you need less than 15 seats, we would recommend using a van instead.

How much does a mini bus cost to rent in Chicago?

Mini bus costs can vary depending on a number of different variables. The things that may factor into the cost include the season, the type of event, amount of people, the location and distance and more. For an accurate quote, a team member would have to assess your needs and provide a competitive price agreed upon by both parties. We provide an average cost table below to help budget and estimate the needs for booking a mini bus. The real cost may vary depending on a variety of variables. Learn more about the cost of a bus by visiting the pricing page.

Bus TypeBy mileBy hourDaily Rates
Mini Bus$3.00 – $6.00$100.00 – $170.00$900.00 – $1600.00
Coach Bus$3.50 – $6.00$100.00 – $190.00$1000.00 – $1900.00
Sprinter Van$3.00 – $4.00$95.00 – $150.00$950.00 – $1500.00

Is a mini bus cost effective?

Mini buses and bus rentals in general are often seen as cost-effective. They prevent the need of booking several different cars through car sharing apps or taxis, and prevent taking several cars or carpooling. The split cost off a bus rental is often cheaper than ride share. A mini bus is often seen as being environmentally friendly when compared to the amount of cars taken of the streets when taking a mini bus instead.

What are the dimensions of a mini bus?

A mini bus is smaller than a coach bus. But how much smaller? First, the average 2011 kia soul is 13 feet 7 inches long. A coach bus can be 3 times this length at around 40 feet long. So how long is a mini bus? According to dimensions.com a mini bus usually has a length of 23 feet. This is almost double the kia soul. The size of a mini bus is an important factor for planning for parking spaces.

Does a mini bus come with a bathroom?

Mini buses do not come with a bathroom. Bathrooms can be found on most motor coach buses. Mini buses still come with other standard amenities like charging ports, tv’s, comfortable seating, and more.

How do I book a mini bus?

Booking a mini bus is easy. The first step is getting in contact with a team member. We can be contacted by phone, email, or quote form.

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