You might be wondering, do I need a coach bus, a school bus, or something else for my event? It can be difficult to choose between the two choices but we hope this article may be able to help you pick.

What are the differences between school buses vs a coach bus?

The classic yellow school bus is a great choice for kids. The easily recognizable design warns drivers on the road that kids are inside the vehicle and they should be aware of their surroundings. School buses are very affordable which is why schools love to use them. There are less moving parts and they are easier to clean which makes them even more desirable for children. Schools love the cost effectiveness of a school bus as well since the per hour cost of one of these buses are usually significantly less than a coach bus.

The downside to a school bus is the quality. Most school buses are great for shorter distances, but the seats are not as comfortable and usually not adjustable. There are other more professional and comfortable settings offered, like the coach bus or mini bus. In the end, if you need a bus that can get you from point to point safely that easily fits your budget, then a school bus is the way to go.

Coach buses vary in size and quality. Most coach buses have many more features than school buses. Coach buses often have outlets for charging electronics, televisions, recline seating, wifi, and even bathrooms. School buses often have none of these amenities. Coach buses are great choices for long distances, vacation trips, tours, and corporate outings. The more professional, spacious, and comfortable qualities of the coach bus make this a more desired vehicle choice for groups seeking something more than a school bus. 

What kind of bus sizes can I choose?

A coach bus of any size can be found in any city. Here at United Bus you can find vehicles that fit 12, 15, 25, 39, 42, and 55 people.  Generally you want to leave a bit of extra space if budget permits. If you are expecting excess luggage, it would be best to reserve a bus with extra seats saved just for the luggage. Of course, coach buses of any size have tons of extra space for luggage. Always double check first if the bus will fit all expected carry on and luggage.

school bus exterior

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