Renting a Charter Bus with a driver

At United Bus, we have a team of dedicated licensed, and responsible professionals driving our vehicles. At United Bus, safety is our priority, so we ensure an experienced driver is operating your Charter Bus. The cost of a driver is included in the overall quote that is provided by our team. You can contact them by visiting our Quote! form or Contact! page.

Can I drive my own Charter Bus or Coach Bus?

We do not have the option to allow customers to operate our vehicles. Only our licensed Charter Bus drivers can drive our vehicles.

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Common Questions


Below we have some answers to some common questions. Feel free to contact us anytime for more details on any questions or concerns. Our specialists are available 24/7.

How do I reserve a Charter bus?


How many hours can I rent a charter bus for?

Are there any discounts or deals when I reserve several trips or many hours.

Is there room for luggage?

How much do I tip the driver? 

What is a coach bus?

Do I need a Sprinter Van or Coach bus?

Does my Charter Bus come with a driver?

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