What is the United Center?

The United Center is an arena in Chicago, Illinois. It proudly hosts the Chicago Bulls in the NBA as well as the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL. Opened in 1994, this arena has hosted many games, concerts, and other events like wrestling,  MMA, gymnastics, and more. The United Center has the largest capacity for NBA arenas and the second largest in the NHL. Its capacity is a staggering 21,000 people!

The United Center is on Chicago’s near west side at 1901 W Madison St. near the intersection of W Madison and S Damen.

United Center photo

Why use a bus to go to the united center?

A bus is a great choice to take your group to a busy event in the United Center. We know how to get there safely and on time, we know where to park, and monitor the event so you can be stress-free and enjoy the day. Your group deserves to enjoy and not stress about the traffic.

United Bus has proudly served Chicago and its sports fans for many years. We are huge Bulls and Blackhawks fans and we enjoy bringing fans to and from the games. We know where the best drop off locations are, and we know when to expect longer wait times due to overtime or unexpected events. 

More about the United Center Arena

Construction began in 1992 and in 1994 a Chicago staple was born. Over 200 events are hosted here per year which makes this one of the busiest arenas. Why is it called United Center? United Airlines bought the naming rights to the arena for $1.8 million a year. While the bulls played their first game here in 1994, the blackhawks had to wait till 1995 due to the lockout. The bulls won several championships with Michael Jordan in this arena in 1996, 1997, and 1998.