Charter Bus Guide

After going through this Charter Bus Guide, you will understand more about how to book the right bus for you.

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Charter Buses are a cost effective and safe way to travel a long distance with a large group of people. They are also perfect for tours, weddings,parties, conventions, shuttles, airport pick ups, and so much more. Choose the right bus, we will give you the right price, and you will have a hassle free, safe trip.

What this guide aims to teach you is

What you need to reserve a bus and how do you do it

What factors into the cost

Charter Bus Sizes and types

How do I reserve a Bus?

Reserving a bus is quite simple and most companies including United Bus work hard to make this part as simple as possible.

To guide the reservation specialists and help them provide the most accurate rate, the following information will be needed.

  • The Date and the Time of the pick up
  • The pick up location
  • The drop off location
  • Is this a one way trip, round trip, charter, daily, or shuttle service?

Some other information you should let your specialist know is whether there will be stops along the way or if you need special amenities. Also include whether the bus is needed with the group for several days rather than a one way or round trip type service.

What factors into the cost of a Charter Bus?

Many things factor into the quote that our specialists provide. The type of event and the season is crucial. Prices may differ due to availability during the busy and off season. The cost of fuel, amount of time, and distance traveled play a role in this as well.

Due to official regulations put onto all Charter Bus and Coach Bus operators, a driver is only allowed a total of 10 hours of driving time per day with a total of 15 hours on duty time. Certain trips will need more than one driver and due to this the price will be affected.

If your trip does require more than one day of service, the most cost effective quote would be a per day charge. Also, most companies including United Bus will require you to cover the cost for the Bus drivers overnight accommodations.

United Bus works hard to compete for your business with the most affordable prices and only the most quality service.

Charter Bus Sizes and types

There are all sorts of vehicles and buses that will fit your group with ample space for luggage and comfortable seating making for an enjoyable ride.

Visit our fleet page to learn more about each vehicle.

Vehicle Types

For a small sized group, a 14 passenger Van is an absolute cost effective and easy way to ride. Our vans have plenty of space, also comfortable and will fit your luggage.

The three most common sizes for buses are

The 25 Passenger Mini Bus

This bus is a great option for people looking to hold their entire medium sized

In one vehicle. With reclining seat, outlets, legroom, and more, this bus is perfect for long distances.

The 38 Passenger Mini Coach

This bus is for groups a little larger that are looking for a luxurious and safe way

To travel. These buses have plenty of luggage space, televisions, outlets, reclining seats, and more.

The 55 Passenger Coach Bus

Our new 55 passenger buses are our largest bus available, this is perfect for big groups looking for enough space to fit them and all their luggage. These include bathrooms, televisions, and more.

For an extensive list of all the amenities included, visit our fleet page or contact us at anytime. Visit our quote page to receive a free quote instantly.


Most buses also include free WiFi, free water, PA systems and a bathroom upon request.