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Step into the world of comfort and style with our family-owned business, offering Mercedes Sprinter vans for all your transport needs. Our commitment to your experience is what really sets us apart. Whether you’re looking for an impressive ride for a single day or a reliable vehicle for regular use, our Mercedes Sprinter vans are the ideal choice. With us, you’re not just hiring a driver; you’re opting for a transport service that’s both professional and warmly personal, ensuring your journey is smooth, enjoyable, and exactly what you need.

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There’s no better way to travel with friends and family than with a comfortable Sprinter Van!

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About the Mercedes Sprinter Van

The Sprinter Van is made by Mercedes-Benz and has been growing in popularity in the USA. We’ve loved using the Sprinter Van over the years but the newer models continue to impress us more than ever before. Our fleet of Mercedes Sprinter vans is our most popular choice of vehicle. People love its comfort and style. Its the perfect choice for groups of up to 14 people. 


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What is a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

You might be wondering, what is a Sprinter Van? Is it a cargo van or a mini bus or something in between? Well, we have plenty of experience with this excellent vehicle and we’d love to share some of our findings with you. 


But first, what is a Mercedes Sprinter Van?


A Mercedes Sprinter Van is a commercial vehicle built by the Mercedes-Benz Group. The Mercedes Sprinter van is a very popular option for transportation. It has quality German engineering which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. The Sprinter Van is often used like a minibus, transporting small groups of people to their destination. They can also function as cargo vans too. Tons of storage, smooth rides, safety features, and more make the Mercedes Sprinter Van one of the most popular ways to travel with small groups.


Now, allow us to paint a picture of the beautiful designed interior of the Mercedes Sprinter Vans. The inclusion of interior tables adds to the allure, enabling occupants to enjoy a meal, or be productive. The seating arrangement ensures a ride curated for comfort. The combination of several luxury features propels the Mercedes Sprinter Van ahead of its competitors, making this vehicle an extremely popular choice for people looking to travel in comfort.  

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Shuttle Services with our Mercedes Sprinter Van

United Bus specializes in shuttle bus services and we are proud to service the city of Chicago and all of its surrounding areas. Shuttle bus services are an excellent choice for weddings, corporations, airports, and more.