McCormick Center Charter Bus and Shuttles

United Bus is a family-owned business that understands how important quality professional transportation is. We pride ourselves on our exceptional office team who work hard to plan ahead to be on time every time. While the McCormick center can be confusing for some, our experienced office team and drivers know what it takes to get in and out of Mccormick place safely and efficiently. We also offer customizable and flexible corporate contracts. We’ll plan all of your transportation needs, reserve the right sizes for your group, and plan ahead. Learn more by contacting our office by phone or email today.  

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About the McCormick Center

Mccormick place is the largest convention center in U.S. and in all of North America. The Mccormick place is always busy with conventions and big events where people from all over the world come to visit. Some major shows held here include the Chicago Auto Show, the International home and Housewares Show, the National Restaurant Association Annual show, and the International Manufacturing Technology Show. The Mccormick place is a deeply important building for Chicago and its economy, drawing in millions of guests each year and generating billions in revenue each year.

About the Auto Show

The Chicago Auto show is held every year at the Mccormick Place convention center. It has been active from 1901 to 1940, and from 1950 to the present time. The Chicago auto show draws in thousands of car fans excited for the event. The auto show allows its guests to see cars up close and often get inside the vehicle to see its interior. 

Photo of the McCormick Center in 2007

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McCormick Place next to Hyatt

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How to get to the McCormick place

There are plenty of options when traveling to Mccormick center. The most popular being the CTA. Check out the moovitapp for more information on taking the bus or train to The Mccormick Place. Of course you also have the option for Uber and Lyft, however be aware of price hikes during busy times especially during an event at the Mccormick place. We also offer our vehicles of any size including sedans to Coach buses, perfect for one way, round trip, and shuttles. 

Shuttle services to the Mccormick place

Why is a shuttle bus perfect for getting to the Mccormick Center? Well it is convenient and cost-effective. Event attendees want to get to the Mccormick place hassle-free. No need to worry about parking or traffic, we have all the planning figured out. Our shuttle bus services offer you a flexible way to travel. We also offer customizable and flexible corporate contracts which allow you to have complete control over the transportation provided for your team. United Bus provides the best Chicago shuttle service and our team is proud to uphold this standard. Convention transportation is hard, thats why we’ll help you plan ahead!

Visit here for a virtual  tour 

There are 4 buildings, West, South, North, and Lakeside center. When booking a trip to the Mccormick center, it is important you book with a responsible and experienced team that knows their way around the Mccormick center. Theres also a rooftop garden. The garden supplies the McCormick place restaurants!

Why rent a charter bus for the McCormick center?

Booking a charter bus or coach bus rental service is a cost effective and efficient way to travel with large groups. Don’t stress over parking, traffic, car-pooling, and logistics. All that and more are solved when you book with United Bus. Learn more about our bus options as well as different vehicle sizes by visiting our fleet page here. 

Efficient travel to and from O’hare and Midway

We know how to do airport transportation. O’hare can get quite busy and with all the construction, if you don’t know your way around the airport then you’re in for a big headache. Luckily our team of transportation experts know O’hare and Midway airports and we’ll help you avoid traffic and get to your destination with ease. 

Events at the McCormick center

For a thorough list of the events at the McCormick center you can visit here. Some of the most popular events are listed below.

  • The Chicago Auto Show each February
  • The International Home and Housewares Show each March
  • The National Restaurant Association Annual Show each May
  • The International Manufacturing Technology Show in the fall every other year.

How much does it cost to rent a bus in McCormick Center?

While we need the details of your trip to provide an accurate quote, we have included a chart as a guideline for average costs to help you assess and budget for your next trip. Please feel free to call or email us for more information or for an accurate quote on the costs of booking a bus with United Bus INC.

Bus TypeBy mileBy hourDaily Rates
Mini Bus$3.00 – $6.00$100.00 – $170.00$900.00 – $1600.00
Coach Bus$3.50 – $6.00$100.00 – $190.00$1000.00 – $1900.00
Sprinter Van$3.00 – $4.00$95.00 – $150.00$950.00 – $1500.00