The Charter Bus Rental Revolution: The history and how Charter Buses have evolved

As a Bus enthusiast, I’ve been so happy to see the growth in the coach bus industry. The bussing industry is growing rapidly worldwide both in the private and public sectors. It has long been known that coach buses in Europe are a lot more popular and of higher quality than in America. However, as of recently, that gap has been decreasing and people are more open to renting buses for their events. People recognize the convenience that comes with booking a bus. We, like every other charter bus company, want our customers to be as comfortable and safe as possible. To keep customers happy, it’s important to keep up with the times, and constantly evaluate your fleet and the technology you use to keep your customers satisfied. This article will take a look at how technology and modern amenities have transformed group travel and how they will continue to transform the charter bus industry. Click here if you want to learn more about “What a coach bus”.

History of the Motor Coach

Long ago, horse-drawn stagecoaches were used to transport people long distances comfortably. You’ll commonly hear people reference the “charabanc” which was a type of horse-drawn vehicle, and later with the advent of motors and engines, it would become an early version of the motor coach. It was actually a popular choice of vehicle for touring. It would be a long time before the charabancs evolved into something that we recognize as motor coach today. Over time as technologies evolved, so too did cars and buses. Modern coach buses started coming with air conditioning, more comfortable seating, more space for luggage, larger capacities, better safety, and more. The industry started to grow and companies started to pop up everywhere. You might recognize the name, greyhound or Megabus. Greyhound is the largest intercity bus company currently operating (at the time of this article) 1,700 buses. Today buses are an important part of public transportation for most cities and a large part of the transportation economy. 

Coach Bus Wiki
Georges Jansoone (JoJan), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Modern Technologies of a Coach Bus

Modern coach buses today have completely revolutionized group travel. As technology evolves, so too do the coach buses. We’ll list some of the ways technology has revolutionized modern coach buses below.


  • Full Vision around the bus with cameras
  • Fuel efficiency (making this a better alternative than cars)
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Bathrooms (toilets and sink on board)
  • Recline seating
  • Reading lights
  • Televisions
  • Wifi

As you can see above, modern coach buses ensure a comfortable and safe ride. There is a reason these vehicles are so popular for long-distance trips. Not only do you want to be in a comfortable seat, but you also want access to a bathroom and wifi too! The WiFi helps keep passengers connected throughout their journey while the TVs keep passengers entertained with a range of movies, music, and games. 

Play Video about Prevost Bus Interior
Example of a coach bus interior shown above.

Customized themes and experiences

A very important part of renting a coach bus is being able to customize your experience. Whether it’s for a wedding or a tour, you have complete control of your trip. We’ll discuss some of the examples below. 


  1. Wedding and family events. You can decorate the interior, and make sure the amenities cater to exactly what you would like. This might include refreshments and snacks for your wedding guests who are riding along.


  1. Corporate retreats. Buses can carry the entire team together and keep them connected with their WiFi. This is also a cost effective and efficient way to travel for corporations. 


  1. Sports team transportation. Plenty of space on buses makes sure that sports team can bring all their gear for their game, and arrive safely on time.


  1. Senior Citizen outings. Buses can have accessibility features, like easy access for wheelchairs and other settings. The entertainment options can also be catered to the preferences of the passengers.


  1. Sightseeing tours. Buses with long wide windows make sure you can see the entire city. You can pick your destination and times with ease and customize your itinerary exactly how you want it. 

The charter bus industry has come a long way from its early beginnings and today it offers many options and unparalleled levels of comfort and safety for long-distance trips. Modern amenities allow guests to travel safely, and affordably. It also allows us to help planet earth by cutting down on toxic fumes by taking more cars off the road. As we look toward the future, we can expect more innovations and improvements. The charter bus industry embraces these advancements with open arms and I know I’m excited for what’s to come.